Gogies 3D Image Slider

  • Come on you can spin-it

  • Any ideaa what happens guys

  • I love nature

    Get Me Out of the gage!

  • It's Lovely Weather Today

Code <div class="slider" data-autoplay="true" data-delay="4000" data-indicators="true" data-arrows="true" >

<img class="slider-img random-transition" src="images/1.jpg">
<div class="caption random-transition"><h3> Come on you can spin-it <i class="icon spin-it">settings</i></h3> </div>

<li><img class="slider-img random-transition" src="images/2.jpg">
<div class="caption random-transition"><h1> Any ideaa what happens guys <i class="icon">lightbulb_outline</i></h1> </div>
<li><img class="slider-img random-transition" src="images/3.jpg"><div class="caption random-transition"><h1> I love nature <i class="icon">favorite</i></h1><h1>
Get Me Out of the gage!</h1> </div></li>
<li><img class="slider-img random-transition" src="images/4.jpg"><div class="caption random-transition"><h1> It's Lovely Weather Today <i class="icon">favorite</i></h1> </div></li>


data-autoplay --> default=true set this to data-autoplay="false" to disable auto play
data-delay ---> delay time between slides default=4000ms with means 4 seconds example
data-delay="6000" the delay will be 6 second minimum 2000

data-indicators ---> shows navigation list of slides default=true set this to data-indicators="false" to disable nav
data-arrows ---> shows next and prev arrows default=true set this to data-arrows="false" to disable them
.random-transition ---> this gaves each item a random animation .. you can overide this by setting each item transtion see Animations section for available animations
Note:By default the slider pause on mouse over